Exchange and return policy

  • The replaced/returned product must be in its original condition and packaging with all its accessories and has not been used, opened or changed the packaging features of the product.

  • The return will be approved after we receive the product and make sure it is 100% intact and we can resell it to other customers. But if his condition is in violation of the previous condition, the return will not be approved.

  • That we be informed of the desire to return this product by one of the methods of communication with us within 7 days from the date of making the request or within 24 hours of receiving the product, whichever is longer.

  • That the value of shipping and delivery be borne by the customer according to the city or country in which he is, unless the products that he received were
    damaged or contained a manufacturing defect or were proven to be counterfeit (noting that all our products are original and 100% guaranteed)

  • The method of returning the amount is by sending a balance of the net value of the product after deducting any delivery offer fees, if any, so that the customer can use it in the future and buy it through our website. And in the event that the customer requests to cancel the order after paying with the card without any good reason and requests a refund, then in this case 4% of the value of the amount paid will be deducted to cover the loss of the refund fee for the card payment company. In the event that the product was shipped before requesting a refund, the shipping value will also be deducted. This process takes from 2 to 15 working days until we receive the returned product.

  • In the interest of your safety, we do not allow the return or exchange of skin or personal care products or products that have been opened or used for health purposes because they are beauty products by nature, with the exception of products that arrive to you damaged or contain a manufacturing defect or are proven to be counterfeit (knowing that all Our products are 100% original and guaranteed.

  • Complaints: You can submit a complaint to us using the means of communication shown on our website via WhatsApp, e-mail, or the communication form on the site, or through our Instagram account messages. You will be answered within two working days, and the complaint processing period will be within three working days.